The progress of Environmental, Social, and Governance (#ESG) investing into the mainstream is expected to continue in the #Budget, with the introduction of 'green' savings bonds. This will provide yet more evidence that #ESG and #impactinvesting are here to stay.

From an #estateplanning lawyer's perspective, these types of investments provide an increasingly valuable tool in bridging the gap that we sometimes see between generations as wealth is handed down from one generation to the next. Whilst sometimes a cliché, it is nevertheless common to see an elder generation more focused on generating returns and preserving capital, and a younger generation placing more emphasis on purpose and using wealth as a force for good.

To some extent #ESG and #impactinvesting allows families to have their cake and eat it, potentially achieving the objectives of both generations. This is a good result in itself, but even better if it provides something around which the family can unify and communicate - a vital ingredient for any successful #successionplan.