This report shines a light on what may become one of the lasting legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the growing realisation that exposing young ambitious employees in a professional services environment to self regulation of their own working hours, against the back drop of unrelating work demands, results in a high incidence of burn out and the development of a raft of clinically recognised mental health issues. 

Those organisations that fail to take adequate steps to avoid this pattern of unsustainable working hours from being perpetuated, may well find that they are exposed to both legal and reputational damage as the backlash against this form of abuse is only going to increase.  

Workplaces that have a high frequency of employees falling ill, with work place stress issues due to excessive work demands, will be exposed to a greater risk of the court imposing liability more readily, as it becomes increasingly foreseeable that a personal injury will be sustained as a result.